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A very happy unbirthday to me….

With another birthday ticking by tomorrow, I figured I should reflect on the past year. In short, I made it!😂😂🤣😂

In the last year, I watched my granddaughter come into this world, the second person to hold her, the first to sing to her. I will never forget that moment as long as I live.

The world came to a screeching halt and allowed me and my family to reevaluate and take stock of what matters most….each other.

We stayed apart, gathered together, celebrated one another. We grew closer as the days passed by.

I finished writing a book, drafted three others and decided to turn trauma into triumph as I outline the story of my life. I hope it helps others heal.

I took back my health and physical well being. I still don’t like to run, but Terror and I have an understanding. I can run 5 miles, break one heck of a sweat and not die afterwards. I hit 365 days of movement (Thansk Apple Watch for keeping tabs on me). I’ve lost weight, shaped up and got back some of the confidence that gaining and hiding 30 pounds caused me to lose.

I said goodbye to one adventure and started a new one. I may not be a break out business rockstar but I’ve always felt that slow and steady wins the race anyway.

Yup, 37 was interesting. Do I look 37? Nope! Do I feel 37? Only at 515 when I drag myself out of bed to run! Am I looking forward to 38? ABSOLUTELY!!

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