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All by myself

I love Wednesday nights. For almost four hours, I am the only person at home. Just me, myself, and I. The blissful sounds of silence wrap me in a cozy blanket once I usher Mo, Larry, and Curly out the door.

Yes! For almost four hours, my husband and the two minions who still live here leave the house and head to youth group. I look forward to Wednesday nights. And they welcome me like an old friend.

On Wednesday nights, I turn off the television and turn up the tunes. I walk through the house putting on a stellar concert starring little ole me! I even give myself the standing ovation I deserve! I’m a bit of a nut but I own it!

Next, I treat myself to dinner. Depending on the weather, how the day went, and my mood, I’ll either order in or go pick up some take out. With only myself to worry about, it’s quite easy to decide, order and execute Wednesday night dinners. And, as I sit at our dining table, all alone, reading my table book, I relish in the lack of conversation.

I love my family. I really do. Nothing pleases me more than taking care of this chaotic bunch of fruitcakes, but I enjoy peace and quiet as well. And one day a week, I get true peace and quiet. My office hours are finished for the day. There’s nothing pressing against my time. Just four hours of me, doing whatever I want, in the quiet of my home.

In the chaos of this world, we have to find peace where we can. For some, it’s hitting the local Starbucks and happily waiting in line for their favorite drink. For others, it’s taking a walk through the store aisles buying random items. For me, it’s Wednesday nights, alllll byyyyyyybmyseeeellff! C’mon… know you sang that last line!

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