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Bass ackwards as all get out….

Bruh! Today has been one of those days where you wish you had a remote with a rewind button. Or even a menu setting where you could jump back to the beginning and just start again. I would have restarted at least twice. Before seven this morning. Yup.

It all started, as every good story does, as I dragged my tired carcass down to where, Terror, my treadmill lives. We have a standing love/hate relationship. I love that clothes fit well. I hate that it requires early morning rendezvous with Terror. I made it through the dark house only to remember my earbuds were still in the bedroom. Upstairs. Back through the dark house. Up I go, praying I miss the corner of the cabinet my hip likes to meet regularly. We met again.

As I carefully trudged back down the stairs, rubbing my now sore hip, my wonderful, almost six foot tall, curly haired high schooler comes out of the shadows scaring the bejesus out of me. It took five minutes to calm my heart and find the wireless earbuds that went flying as my life flashed before my eyes. Revenge on the teenager is inevitable.

Thankfully, my morning run went smoothly. Meaning I didn’t die when the itsy bitsy spider decided to come down for a chat at mile four. Only one of us lived to tell that tale. Hopefully his buddies get the hint to wait until the cool down for an early morning pow wow.

I caught almost all of my clothing before it fell into the open toilet after my shower. The socks were a lost cause. And they of course were my favorite pair.

By the time my daughter’s alarm went off at seven, I was over it. After almost dying three times before seven, who really needs to see the rest of the day?! Ya know?? I’m pretty sure God was done testing my resolve and laughing hysterically at me because the rest of the day went fairly smoothly. Thank goodness! Otherwise I don’t know what the hubs would have come home to find!

There might be wine in here….

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