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Beyond measure

My sweet girl is having her second tiny human and I am over the moon. There’s nothing quite like helping your daughter bring her own kiddos into this world. It is a true blessing indeed. I feel doubly blessed because, while I didn’t grow her from scratch, she calls me mom. She looks to me for help. She wants me around. She hugs be tight. It makes my momma heart soar.

I remember when she called us to tell us baby number two was on the way. Her dad and I guessed before she said anything and then spent the next hour laying in bed giddy with excitement. Another tiny human to love and watch grow!! Before names were even brought up she knew one thing, she wanted mom in the room with her again.

I sit here watching her labor like a champ and my love for her grows more. I suppose that’s the mom in me knowing what it takes to grow a human from scratch and usher them screaming into the world. It’s an amazing feeling. Tiring sure. Painful without question. But amazing.

I love that I get to be a part of this moment. I get to encourage her through labor. I get to coach her through each push. I get to be one of the first sets of eyes to see the newest member of the Chaos Crew in this world. I get to be one of the first sets of arms to cradle that precious newborn. I gets to kiss my sweet girls head and tell her just how amazing she is to me.

By the end of the day, I’ll have a new little person to love. My life will be fuller and my heart pressed to the bursting with joy. My cup surely runneth over.

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