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Big thoughts, big hair, don’t care….

I may have to rethink this open door office policy…

Dinner conversation is always interesting. Tonight was no exception. Tonight my kids and I sat around laughing about the ridiculousness that is them. They are two of the most random humans ever! God, I love them!!

The boy child has been struggling horribly with his grades this year. Not gonna lie, military school was tossed around for a bit. Tonight, he comes to with a proposition….all A’s second semester and he gets to get his drivers permit….and a cactus. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, a cactus.

Hi random!! And if that’s not enough, as I’m sitting in my office, wrapping up a completely random ministry video, he comes and sits in the hubby’s empty chair. I’m expecting more conversation and perhaps some negotiation, and he hits me with “I want a zen garden with one of those real little trees.”

A zen garden?

With one of those real little trees…. uh huh.

I honestly don’t know where they come up with this stuff. So, of course my thought train has now crashed and burned. And my brain cells are slowly dying as they invade my space and talk about who leaves their socks around the house.


Big thoughts, big hair, don’t care….

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