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Bring on the crazy!

Oh no! I’ve lost my list of lists!!

This week will be known as Crazy Mom week in our house. Not because I intend to lose every bit of my sanity. Although, I’m sure that will be a by-product. Crazy mom weeks happens when have an event that I must coordinate and execute. On top of my other mom responsibilities.

This week our church is hosting a three day conference featuring awesome speakers of the prophetic. As one of the more organized souls and a pastors wife, I volunteered my services to coordinate the details. I mean if I can host 150 people for a backyard barbecue with food, drinks, and entertainment, a conference at church with others to help is no big deal.

The only problem is…..I also have two kids at home, a husband who works with homework to do, meals to prepare, a business to run and a book to edit. Can you see where the sanity might slip away? With all of these pieces to expertly move around, I need ruthless organization.

And I had it.

Until, I lost my list of lists.

Imagine the sheer panic I felt as I sat down at my desk this morning only to find my list of lists has gone missing. A list of lists? YES!! I had a list of lists I needed to make for all of the volunteers for this conference. Lists of things my household needed to run efficiently while I am otherwise occupied. Lists of responsibilities and times and and and…..

Sweat broke out along my hairline. Panic prickled along my skin. My heart raced as I shuffled through the various folders and notebooks littering my desk. Fear that I would miss a detail clouded my rational thought. The tricky fingers of terror snaked up my spine. My organized desk became a cacophony of papers and post-it notes. Madness nearly griped me by the throat!

And then….

EUREKA!!! My list of lists!! Thank heavens! I nearly wept tears of joy over a list. A beautiful, wonderfully crafted, bullet pointed list.

I realize, now, looking back, I may have a slight problem…..but locating my list is not one of them!

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