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But, but, but, but……

You want to do what??

Tonight, my daughter comes to me, serious look etched on her face, and asks to talk to me. My writing mind creates a hundred different conversations and scenarios. Plus, knowing how random my kid is, my brain tacks on a million more.

She sits across from me, leans forward on the desk, fixes her hair, looks me dead in the eye, and asks for a gaming set up so she can be a gamer on YouTube.

Huh?? Wait….rewind. I’m sorry, but what? You want me to spend hundreds of dollars on computers and microphones and goodness knows what else so you can make videos of you playing videos games?? You’re joking right? No? Well, huh….

I listened intently. Asking the appropriate questions. Nodding and what not. I tried to help her get around to the point I wanted to make….being a YouTuber is not a dream to aspire to. Now, I have nothing against those who have been crafty enough to make boatloads of money on YouTube. I commend them for being able to do it. But, I don’t want my kid thinking that’s all she needs to do to make money.

I grew up in the old school. The school where you worked hard, fought for your dreams, and at some point blood, sweat, and tears are involved. Money didn’t grow on trees and it didn’t come easily. You work for what you want and you work hella hard for it. Hence the reason I sit, cross eyed at my computer crafting stories in hopes of selling them and people actually liking them!!!

I know I crumbled her little hopes of being a famous YouTube gamer. She’ll me upset with me for a few days. Then she’ll move on to the next idea. In the meantime, I’m mentally preparing myself for the chorus of “but, but, but, but” as she tries again.


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