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Curls! Curls! Curls!

Being a girl mom is interesting. It’s all fun and games when they are little and you can dress them in the cutest outfits. Bows and ribbons and cute socks! Oh my!! Then they start walking…

Suddenly all of those super cute outfits are covered in dirt, dust, and food you still aren’t sure that you actually fed her. Trapped in the once cute curls are bits of poptart and syrup that seems ever present. Those cute little socks and shoes are never again found is matching pairs because she’s learned not only how to take them off, but to hide them in a place they will never be found again.

Elementary school is a never-ending array of cutesy clothes depicting her latest TV show obsession. Unicorns, llamas and anything annoying bright colored fill the laundry hamper. The socks are always missing a mate and the ones you find have holes that fit an entire toe!

Alas, we hit middle school. Somewhere between fifth and sixth grade mom losses the power to provide input on wardrobe. Leggings and hoodies are standard dress. Fuzzy boots or slides (also known as the worlds most annoying shoe) are everyday footwear. And messy hair, often half combed and sticking out in weird places becomes a regular occurrence.

I’ve already gotten two daughters through high school. It was rough. I wasn’t sure if we would survive the fights over black leggings and shirts that barely hit the top of their bums. Constant arguments over wearing coats when it’s cold and using umbrellas when it’s raining. Now, we are on the third and last girl in our crazy crew. Heaven help me!

Between the constant mood swings and the incessant need to use every word in her arsenal on a daily basis, daughter number three may be the greatest challenge. Lucky for me, I love a good challenge. Girl moms of the world unite….and God help those of us with strong willed daughters!

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