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Getting better…

All the time!

I like to look at each day as a fresh start. I’m awake roughly 18 hours each day so that’s ample opportunity to see the good in a day.

Except last week.

Last week, it seemed like each day got progressively worse. Piling on the crud with each passing minute. Monday I ended up so angry I couldn’t speak. Tuesday I was angry enough to use words but held quite a few back. It was a rough start.

By Wednesday I had regained my sense of optimism, but I held it very close to the chest. Given the previous days, who knew what could happen next. Thursday and Friday managed to pass without drama. I thanked my lucky stars, counted blessings, and knocked on wood, for good measure.

With the parenting dilemma dealt with, I side stepped into this week with cautious optimism. Keeping a weathered eye on the issues, I smiled and joked again. I didn’t analyze every word and action. Sunlight began to glimmer behind the clouds. Metaphorically anyway since it’s been cloudy and rainy for days!!

The hubs and I decided a little time a part with good, solid influences would do our troubled teen a little good. The issues had surfaced and been aired but everyone was still walking around like a bundle of raw nerves. I was willing to try the unconventional to get back to the conventional. Does that make sense??

In my years as a parent, one thing I have learned is that grace needs to be used in heaps, but wisely. My kid knows he was wrong. The tears and ugly crying face confirmed it. The head held down in shame showed actual remorse for the actions. The unending hug melted the ice floes in my veins because Mean Mom was ticked off.

I, in no way, profess to know it all when it comes to parenting. I feel like each page writes itself on a daily basis and no two pages read the same. I do know that my brand of parenting is firm, but loving. It comes with rules, discipline, and a boatload of love. And, it helps to have a village of people willing to pray for you, counsel you, and just be there as an ear.

I am insanely grateful to the village we have surrounding us. The love and support kept me from losing what shards of sanity I had left last week. While I know there is still work to be done, one thing I know for certain, things are getting better all the time. Every day is a fresh start. Man, am I glad for that!

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