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I’m still standing….

Because I’m mom that’s why!

Well, after 18 months of hearing about it, my household was finally hit with the dreaded Rona! Dun dun dunnnnnnnnnnnnn! Nothing says end of summer break like a household of people all exposed to the virus that has been dictating moves for the last year and a half.

I’ve looked at the last two weeks as a personal experiment. Everyone presented and dealt differently. The middle schooler had a low grade fever for about five seconds. But she popped a Tylenol, took a thirty minute nap, and went about life as usual. The high schooler slept for three days and hasn’t stopped eating since he woke up. I knew he was back to normal when I heard the basketball bouncing outside.

Of course, me, being mom, didn’t get sick. But if I had, it would have looked like me sleeping for a full day, then back to business as usual. While worn the heck out from taking care of a sick teen, running a business and a house, plus caring for a sick hubby with a hurt back, I also managed to keep up with my workouts and the million other things mom had to do. I can’t imagine why I needed a day to sleep.

The poor hubs, though, he’s suffering. He’s got asthma, so his lungs aren’t strong at all. He scared a few years off my life twice in the last few days. Nothing like having his lungs close completely, only opened with quick hits of an inhaler, to freak a wife out! He’s under the care of an amazing friend who has dealt with this personally and professionally and on the mend.

Now, I can say with certainty, we survived the Rona. No, not a single one of us got the widely touted shot. And we won’t. That’s our choice.

And that, dear friends, is the way it should be. A choice. Free from persecution. Free from backlash. Free from judgement. Everyone should have the choice as to whether or not they get a shot in the arm. Parents should have that right to choose from their children. Employees should have that right to choose.

It boggles my imagination that we live in a world where friends and family are forced to get a shot they do not agree on in order to keep their jobs. Children are being secretly approached in schools about getting a shot without parental information or consent. Get it, wear your mask, still catch Rona. Don’t get it, burn your mask, still catch Rona. Anyone else rolling their eyes??

I watched church friends catch it and live through it. I had a dear friend pass away from complications of Covid. My daughter lived through it while carrying my granddaughter at the start of all of this. And now, my household has caught and survived it. When I say I have seen this from various sides, I mean it. And when I say I stick by natural immunity and mask choices. I mean that too. And when I say I don’t care about anyone else’s choices but wish mine were respected, I mean that too.

Now to go get my immune ready children set to return to school in their senseless masks…..yeah that’s a whole different conversation!

Still standing

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