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I surrender all….

It’s getting hot in here!

I had the incredible pleasure of coordinating an amazing three day event at my church last week. I walked away full, fulfilled, and exhausted! It was worth the thought-train derailments and loss of sleep when all was said and done. I was in my zone, taking care of people in my happy place; my church.

On top of ensuring an open atmosphere for receiving the Word, I also helped usher in the spirit of worship. Music speaks to my soul. Worship music speaks to my spirit.

When I sing in worship, nothing else matters. Every worry, every thought, my schedule all disappear because it’s my time with God. It doesn’t matter if the sanctuary has 50 or 500 in it; when I sing, it’s just me and God.

God and I had an amazing conversation last week. Friday night, during an absolutely amazing worship set, the Holy Spirit moved in that sanctuary. The energy was high. Hands raised. Eyes closed. Heart abandoned. I felt God in that room. I prayed blessings over every one present. I sang thanks to God. I gave everything I had and then gave more!

I love singing to the Lord. It’s an intimate conversation in a room full of people. And I know when His hand is on me. That sudden heat along the spine. Warmth all over. A smile of comfort and love in my heart.

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