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I took a day….

I did not write a single word today.

And I’m okay with that. After yesterday’s monumental conclusion of a year long project, I had no words left.

My initial intention was to begin working on the post-it note outline of another half started project. Don’t knock the post-it notes until you’ve tried them! So, I sat down at my desk with a big old stack of them and a fresh pen.

Nada. Not a single word.

I stared at that stack of post- it notes and it felt like the top of my head flew open and every thought I’ve ever had just took the elevator right out. The blinking cursor on my open document taunted me. My open notebook, filled with all the ideas that lead to the point in the book where I’d stopped, leered at me teasingly. I had to get out.

So, I took a day. I grabbed my business things, because being an author is fun but helping women feel amazing about themselves pays the bills, and found a new home in my favorite living room chair. I spent the day making follow up calls and sending emails and text messages. I created and scheduled new posts in my Facebook groups. I even took an extended lunch with my mealtime book. It was all going well.

Then my husband brought home my draft I asked him to print for me…..

As you can imagine, part of me itched to attack the stack of papers and make short work of marking them up. I resisted beautifully. It helps that I had a chiropractor appointment, an online conference, and a live ministry video to tend to tonight as well. So, my draft sits, dutifully awaiting my red pen and I to enter the office tomorrow.

But, tonight, I’m giving my brain a rest!

The view from the living room is peaceful

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