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I truly live for….

Moments like this!!

If I had one word to describe the last eight days, it would be whirlwind! Between basketball games and tournaments, online conferences, zoom meetings, and all of the normal housework, my hours were eaten up quickly. Toss in a weekend away to celebrate my sweet granddaughter and finally spill the beans that a grandson is on the way, and yeah, I’m still trying to catch my breath.

If every week we’re like that one, I’d toss my hands in the air and walk away. Thankfully I control how much or how little I take on. This week it’s minimal. Like if I work ten hours we are doing good minimal! Las week was wild!

As a mom, especially with five kids ranging from 23 to 12, life can be bittersweet. Having all of my crazies in one room always makes my heart swell. This weekend, my momma heart galloped with happiness as I watched a bunch of my crazies longe on a couch together. Snacks were passed, laughs exchanged, and apparently some deep video gaming ensued as well. I know they hate when I whip out my phone to take random pictures, but I want to capture them in the crazy.

I always see these perfectly styled pictures on social media and I giggle at them. The kids are all clean and everyone matches. The mom looks like some model and the dad is all chill. Seriously? It’s chaos trying to take a semi formal family picture in my house, forget a formal one. At least one baby is tired and done. The teenager refuses the smile. One person is always facing away from the camera. Someone else is laughing. And my husband, head of this crazy bunch, just stands in the back, smiling with his arms encompassing it all. Now that, is life personified!

I want so badly to capture the little moments with my family. The crazy couch piles, random game nights, sibling bonding, the good and bad times. I know one day my mind won’t be as sharp. I already forget things if I don’t write them down and often walk into a room and immediately forget why I even walked in there. I don’t live for the perfectly styled moments. I want the messy ones. The crazy ones. The random ones. Those make life incredible.

There are times where I wonder if God sits back and takes mental pictures of certain messy moments in our lives. Does he sit back and take a quick snapshot when we tumble over air and laugh at ourselves as we get back up? Does he scrapbook that moment when we truly feel loss, just before he wraps us in his presence? Does he clip a snippet of our joyful moments and add them to the albums of our lives? As a parent, as our Father in Heaven, I’d like to think so. I think he wants the random moments, the messy ones, the random ones.

It took me a while to learn that perfect only applies to card games and sunsets. I’m not perfect even though I tried for too long to achieve perfection. Life most certainly isn’t perfect. Talk about messy!! But, we can savor the perfect moments and love the imperfect ones. I truly love and love for imperfect moments in this life!

My crazies🥰

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