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I would do anything….

For love! And my kids!

We have a unique family dynamic in our house. We have three grown children off and running plus two who still live at home. Toss in two grand babies and the fun just escalates. It’s a challenge to watch the older kids navigate life from afar while guiding the younger ones still under our roof.

Our oldest daughter is a military wife. Having served herself, she understands that deployment is always a possibility for her husband who’s still enlisted. We just hoped it wouldn’t be a possibility now. While she’s pregnant. With baby number two. Oy!!

My sweet girl is an amazing momma but stress is not her friend. If I could take one thing from her, it would be her ability to stress herself out needlessly. Well, when we heard the news that her hubby was up for deployment, right around the time baby number two was due, momma immediately jumped into action.

One of the perks of running my own business and being a full time writer, is that I make my own schedule. Being able to work from anywhere is an added bonus. Her dad and I didn’t hesitate to agree that she was going to need help wrangling our rambunctious granddaughter and the new baby while her hubby serves our country.

Within an hour of hearing the news, I had a two page list of things I’d need to do to prepare. Don’t forget, I still have two kids who need me at home. Two very active kids who have summer church camps and volunteer hours and sports filling their schedules. And did I mention they’d be starting school during my time away? Luckily, I am a master planner.

It’s going to take some finesse, a little finagling, and a heaping helping of patience, but I think we will all manage. Will I miss the two crazies at home? No question about it. I’m a huge part of their everyday. They’ve already said they’ll miss me! And I’m not leaving for another six months!! But, my kids know I will always be there to help whomever needs me most. And they know their sister will need mom most.

The greatest feeling in the world is knowing your kids love one another enough to sacrifice their easy, comfy lives because another needs help. My kids are self-sufficient, but mom always makes things better. While I won’t be physically at home haranguing them about doing chores and homework (which I’m sure they’ll miss terribly), they know I’ll only be a FaceTime away.

It made my momma heart burst when my daughter, though I didn’t grow her from scratch, eagerly accepted my offer to help while her husband was deployed. It tells me she knows she can count on me. That I’ll be there when she needs me. I really am one blessed momma.

Pieces of my ❤️

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