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If I could turn back time….

She’d still be a tiny human!

Around our house there’s a running joke that our youngest is sunshine mixed with a hurricane. She makes everyone she meets smile while leaving disaster in her wake! Just look at her room for confirmation!

Watching her grow up, helping her understand this crazy thing called life, has been a learning experience. She’s like having multiple children wrapped into one adorable bundle of insanity. I never know what parenting adventure I’ll embark on from day to day with her.

As she moves firmly into her preteen years, I worry as her mom. Her innate kindness draws love but it also attracts the evil in this world. Children can be cruel and to a kid whose goodness oozes out of every pore, they are most vicious.

We’ve ventured beyond the years of hair bows and barbies much to my momma heart sadness. Now, we enter the domains of friends groups and makeup. Making sure her hair is what she wants and that she has adequate friend time eat away at her time.

Thankfully, she still insists on mom being the last face she sees before closing her eyes at night. She loves cuddles from her dad. Her favorite unicorn, a presence in her life since she was three, still travels with her regularly. And she still possesses enough childlike innocence to find wonder in a world riddled with chaos.

Knowing that I’ve had so many wonderful years with her already does not stop the loudly ticking clock of her eventual departure from home. As she cruises through middle school, plowing straight toward high school, my heart longs for time to slow down. She’s the baby of the family. Our last to help grow before setting free on the world. You can’t blame a mom for wanting to hang on just a little bit longer.

Happy birthday sweet girl

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