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It’s beginning to look…

A lot like CHRISTMAS!!!

And I couldn’t be more excited!! Now, I know what many of you are thinking…. “Oh my gosh, she decorated before Thanksgiving?”

Yes! Yes I did indeed!! This is the second year my Christmas decor graced my home before the fifth of November. And it makes me just as happy this year as it did last year!

Typically, I waited until the day after Thanksgiving to decorate. In fact, I would turn my nose up at those who dared to so much as hang a light before the turkey was served. Judgy much? I held firm to my tradition and staunch belief in waiting.

And then pandemonium happened. Or should I say the pandemic did. Suddenly, we were stuck neck deep in stay-at-home orders and the fear of gatherings. Spring of 2020 was depressing. Summer just sad. We moved into fall and I was desperately craving joy and happiness.

As Halloween crept up, cold, snowy and crappy as it was, I was depressed. And for someone who typically sees the glass as overflowing, that was scary! The day after Halloween of 2020 I sat quietly in my dark living room and sighed. I was so deep in a funk I was certain to drown in sorrow.

That Monday morning, I shuffled my kids off to school, made my way to the storage area, and pulled them all out. My Christmas decorations! All eight carefully marked totes, the tree, and the lights! I hauled it all out and it felt as if a cloud shifted and the sun came out rays blazing!

Hidden within those totes was a missing piece of life…happiness! I found joy in the bins of Christmas decor. As I hung the stockings and lit garland, my entire mood shifted. I found myself smiling like a loon. I turned on Christmas music and sang myself silly. By the time my husband came home, I was feeling more like my old self. Where the glass was overflowing and there’s always something to be happy about.

You know what? That feeling stayed with me for weeks! Thanksgiving was happy filled with laughter. Sure my family questioned my insane choice to decorate before Thanksgiving. And there were more than a few tactful questions about my sanity. I didn’t care!

As Halloween approached this year, I found myself anticipating the passing of the candy day. That giddy tingle of anticipation tickled my childlike joy. I was antsy with excitement, waiting for Halloween to do it’s thing because I knew what came next.

And with Michael Bublé, The Temptations and all my other favorites singing songs about the joy of Christmas, I decked my halls! My children came home and I watched the joy spread across their faces. My husband is instantly happy when he crosses the threshold.

I broke a long held tradition of waiting to decorate two years running and I see no reason to stop. Christmas is about joy and happiness, something we could all use a little more of these days. I love Thanksgiving and all it brings with it, but there’s nothing like the joy of Christmas.

My happy place

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