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Never missed a beat…

I seem to have sprouted another head!

Being a work from home mom has its perks. When the house is empty of all the other bodies that take up space here, I am a machine on a mission. Things are crossed off the list with swift vengeance. I make the to do list look like a crumpled up post it note. Mostly because it usually is a crumpled up post it note when I’m done.

Nevertheless, things get done. And then, they come home. My wonderful, awesome, clingy, crazy, loud, insane family whom I absolutely adore invades my efficient quiet and it all breaks loose. Things still get done….just not as efficiently as I’d like.

I host all of my parties online thanks to the hand life has dealt us. I bring my dazzling personality and products to peoples homes through the wonderful world of Facebook Live. It has its perks. No commute. No set up. No tear down. Thirty minutes and I’m done. Commission in the bank.

Unfortunately, virtual partying does have its pitfalls. Last night, for instance, my daughter decided she just had to help. And by help, I mean hang on me and making it look like I sprouted an extra head! Lucky for her she’s cute and people get a kick out of the insanity that is my life. I personally admire my ability to keep a straight face as my son, who is 16, runs past wearing a Batman mask and cape as I’m doing said videos.

Life and how we do it may have changed, but my family has remained the same….crazy! Thankfully people prefer to see the crazy side of life.

Good thing she’s cute

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