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No resolutions here…

Well, with the start of the new year usually comes everyone’s long list of resolutions. Some resolve to lose weight. Others resolve to organize their homes. Resolutions of better time management, project completion and lightening work loads also top the list of changes sought after in the new year.

I stopped making resolutions about five years ago. I realized I never actually stuck to them longer than a few weeks. I’d start off all fine and good and slowly but surely I’d forget all about those carefully constructed resolutions.

I quickly realized that while I totally sucked at making resolutions, I was decent with goal setting. And no, they aren’t the same thing. Resolutions are resolve to change something like the time I made a resolution to cut my dependency on cookies in stressful times. Goals are tasks set forth to accomplish. I’m much better at setting and hitting goals then keeping my resolve.

So, I’ve been working on this years goals and they all have one thing in common. One word to be specific. I’m a writer, ideas and stories are constantly attacking my overactive brain. I have notebooks everywhere. My bag. My desk. My living room. Ideas spill out and I have to have a pen and paper handy.

Create. I spent entirely too much time last year doing everything but the one thing I love doing… writing. This year, my word, my goals, my focus all revolve around the word create. Create endings to the two romance novels I have started. Create the inspiration story crafted from my own childhood abuse. Create a fun blog to share my random ramblings with the world. Create!!

I’m excited about this years goals to create! Terrified of people actually reading them but us artsy fartsy types tend to be this way! I’d love to know, my fun friends, what your words and focuses are for this year!!

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