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Pizza night and movie classics

Nothing beats a classic….

I love Friday nights. It’s the one day of the week my entire family converges on the living room for pizza and a movie. Except tonight…

Tonight only one of the kids managed to remember how important movie night is to mom and she even brought the grand baby with her. The boys had plans with their friends and the tweenager swindled a sleepover with her bestie to celebrate the end of sixth grade. I’m sure I’ll find a creative way to make them all pay for abandoning family night! Kidding….or am I?

With the grandson over, we try to watch kid friendly movies. Tonight, the hubs and I agreed it was time to introduce a movie classic, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2! This movie takes me back to my childhood. Giant turtles in super martial arts fights scenes. Resurrected villains. Vanilla Ice rapping! What’s not to love!!

I was a little worried the vast amounts of three year old energy he hoards would kick into high gear and he would watch about a minute of it. Color me surprised when I look over after ten minutes and he’s still in the same spot. Papa has become is favorite comfy spot on the floor and he’s engrossed in the talking turtles!

My momma heart is sad because the others are missing, but I love any time I get to spend with any of them. I know there will come a time where family movie nights will happen once in a while rather than once a week. They will get older, move away like the oldest, have families of their own, and moms movie night mandate will cease to exist. But, I hope that when they do move away, start families of their own, they will have their own family nights filled with noise and laughter and memories.

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