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Seriously people?!

I find myself ready to rip off heads today! My kids’ school get put on lockdown, yet I hear about it from my tiny humans instead of the administration! I have no details outside of the recollection of my tiny humans. Let’s face it, kids are either the most reliable source for every detail or the most it reliable source for any detail. There’s really no in between. The more I listened to the boy tiny human, the more I wanted to wring the principals neck. When the tiny girl human said she was scared because she had no clue what was going on, I was ready to behead the superintendent. Why is it, that the school can send annoying emails about talent show tryouts, parent teacher conferences, and fun fairs, but couldn’t bother to send out the annoying recorded message about a lockdown? In what universe is it okay to not let parents know that there was a potential danger, but everything was handle and no one was hurt? Imagine the reaction of parents rolling up to the school to pick up their own tiny humans only to find police swarming the place? I am a praying woman. I pray everyday for the safety of my children when they are not with me. Right now, I am praying for patience and peace. Patience of heart as I wait to see if the administration is going to fill in the details. Peace of mind that while there was an incident, my tiny humans, and all the other precious tiny humans in school with them, are all home safely. How would you react to something like this? Maybe if the administration asked themselves this question, I wouldn’t be sitting here perplexed and perturbed.

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