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So this is love…

I love to eat! Looking at me, and hearing me talk of hitting the treadmill for five miles a day, you would never guess. But, it’s true. I looooove to eat. Food is my love language.

The current state of the world has put a damper on the monthly date night the hubby and insisted upon. Oh, how I miss discussing what restaurant we should hit on our monthly date. The choices were always fun and we didn’t mind driving for good food. I mean we drove over an hour to hit the Cheesecake Factory for dinner one night. See what I mean?

With mask restrictions and my strict aversion to things hindering my air supply, dining out is a thing of the past. It saddens me deeply. I loved getting in the car, with no kids. Listening to the radio, with no kids. Laughing and talking, with no kids. Enjoying a hot meal that I didn’t have to cook….with no kids. I’m sensing a common theme here.

Tonight, I randomly decided we needed a date night. A meal we didn’t have to cook, or reheat since I forgot all about dinner, was in order. I told the kids to eat whatever; one of the perks of having older children at home. Grabbed hubby by the hand and told him we, he and I, were getting food.

Being the creative type, I slipped the girl child a sweet smile and asked her to set up the dining room with some candles so dad and I could have a date. Not only did we get candles, but she even wrapped silverware in napkins with cute ribbons to hold them together. She gets that from me.

And there we sat, at our dining room table, with three votive candles, enjoying our Dairy Queen burgers and ice cream. We laughed and talked and laughed some more. Even with the constant interruptions from the girl child, it was still an awesome date night.

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