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Someone watching…

Finally, someone snapped a pic!

I’m a mom. As mom, there are hardly any pictures of me doing my mom thing. I cook, clean and counsel with the best of them. I take time and nurture, love on, and antagonize my kids. I give advice, hugs, and reprimands with equal fervor. But, no one ever thinks to snap pictures of it.

I am constantly snapping pictures of my kids being goofy, loving each other, spending time with their dad, and so much more. My camera has some great shots of game nights and hugs. Wrestling matches and backyard play set fun. But, I’m not in them.

I know that my heart holds the memories of all these moments, but would it kill someone to pull out their phone and maybe snap a candid or two of me in those moments?! Lord knows I have enough pictures for hours of video reels when wedding times start to hit! Unfortunately, mom won’t be in most of them.

However, one of my kids must have heard my small rant a few months ago and listened. We were trying to find a photo of the grand-dinosaur. My grandson thinks he’s part dinosaur so we roll with it. And, I couldn’t help but notice I wasn’t in a lot of the pictures. My husband was there. My kids. My grandson. But no nana. Gets a little frustrating some times. But, hey that’s the mom life. I may have verbally lashed out on my lack of photo presence. I’m human…

As I was scrolling through my phone this week, I found a picture that I didn’t take. My heart tipped just a little bit. Someone snagged my phone and took a photo of me and my grandson at the piano. I was playing and he was “helping”. Finally!!! Someone got a picture of me! Maybe now folks will realize I am a part and not just the documentarian of this circus we live in!!

It’s one of my new favorite pictures because I’m not the one taking it. With any luck, someone will capture more.

My second hands lol

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