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Space invaders…..

“It’s bursting!!!”

The headache monster struck again today. It wasn’t the full on symphony orchestra playing an overture. Instead, it was the barbershop quartet doing a few warm up bars in the background.

My daughter, my sweet, talkative, loving, chatty daughter decided I needed to stop working and relax. Funnily enough, I agreed. She also decided we needed to curl up and watch our favorite guilty pleasure, Nailed It! We love this show! Nothing like watching three ordinary people attempt to recreate culinary masterpieces….HORRIBLY!!

Now, while I bake a mean chocolate chip cookie, I cannot bake and decorate a two tiered, fondant covered cake with modeling chocolate figures in an hour and a half! That’s what makes this show so great! I’ve toyed with doing my own version in my kitchen, but I’m such a perfectionist I’d probably drive myself nuts if it didn’t come out right!

Today’s episode was chalk full of disastrous hilarity and did not disappoint! While laughter hurt my poor head, listening to my sweet girl laugh along with me was totally worth it. Together we giggled our way through thirty minutes of kitchen fails and enjoyed it tremendously!

I’ve got my mind set on some insanely large writing and business goals this month. It’s going to require hours at my desk, hand cramps and my thought train running on several tracks at the same time. So, perhaps being forced to take a day was a good thing!! When it comes to this relaxing thing, today I totally Nailed it!!!!

Space invader

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