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The Life of Mom….

Toughest hood you’ll ever roll through!

Being mom has been the most rewarding, terrifying, exciting, draining, exhilarating, taxing adventure I have ever embarked upon. Marine Corps boot camp was a picnic compared to the stress, work, and insanity of motherhood. And I can say that because I’ve done both!!

I am blessed with five awesome kiddos. I love them all tremendously! They are my greatest joy and my greatest headache. When you decide to have kids, no one ever sits you down and tells you what to really expect.

I earned the title mom one frosty morning in November when my sweet son came screaming into the world. At a young 21 years of age, I was awed and terrified at the little life with big lungs and my eyes. While I may have been young, I was determined to give him the best life I could give him. Little did I know it would include a man who would give him his name and two older siblings!

Just as my little man turned two, we moved into a house we’d call home for the next ten years and my mom adventure shifted from man coverage to zone defense. At 23, mom of three and hilariously out numbered, I had a family and a home.

Three years later, hubby and I welcome a bouncing baby girl making us a crew of six. You know how they say the first one lulls you into that sense of security and the second shows you what parenting is really like? Yeah, believe that. My son was the most chill child ever. Slept like a dream. Ate like a champ. Only cried when wet. My daughter, lovingly known as our hurricane, hated to sleep until the vacuum cleaner ran, refused to eat, and cried because she felt like it. I contemplated pencils in my ears to save my hearing!!!

Now, if you’re really paying attention, you realize I’ve only mentioned four kids. Good job for those who caught it. Everyone else….shame on you! Kidding!! Number five happens to be the best friend of our oldest daughter. She’s been a part of our troop for ten plus years. She comes to family events, spends practically every Friday night here, and is in the family pictures. She’s just as much mine as the two I married into or the two I grew from scratch.

You see, being mom isn’t a walk in the park. Unless your walks in the park involve handling screaming human grenades while cooking thanksgiving dinner for ten in a kitchen with 18 inches of counter space…yeah I did that!! Being a mom is sleepless nights, slamming doors, attitude adjustments, endless laundry, and headaches. It’s skinned knees, science projects, relentless whining, and extra hugs at bedtime. Motherhood is hours of sports practices, moody teens, dinner decisions, and never ending grocery trips. It’s hair cuts, dance recitals, birthday parties, and school plays. It’s punishments, homemade cards, lost stuffed animals, and countless PB&J’s.

It’s an adventure filled with tears, worry, joy, anguish, irritation, happiness, and more love than you can imagine. No one tells you what motherhood is like before you wade in. They let you dive in and get out of it what you want.

Me? I’ve had more joy than I thought humanly possible. More love than I knew a heart could hold. More worry than should be allowed! I love every single moment I’ve had strolling through motherhood. They have made me into the person I am today. Shaped the woman who can bake a stellar cookie while scolding arguing kids and kissing the hubby welcome home.

Moms are amazing. Tough but caring. Strong yet sensitive. Go getters who get it done. So, cheers to all the moms for fighting through the toughest hood out there and crushing it!

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