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The office is closed for the day…

22,567 words.

22,567 beautiful words.

22,567 painstakingly typed, arduously considered, excellently thought, beautiful words.

Monday I set a goal: 20,000 words in my current novel by 4:00 p.m. on Friday. My husband said I was insane and set crazy goals on myself. My son agreed. I hit 22,567 words by noon today! Take that suckas!!! Kidding! Sorta….

Being an author is awesome when the words are flowing like melting icebergs. Fingers flying across the keys. Chuckling at my own witty humor. Characters coming alive before my very eyes. This week, being an author is the best job in the world.

My alarm struck noon and I threw my hands up like a student finally finishing the last question on the SAT. I cautiously glanced at the word count and proceeded to dance in my chair as I exceeded my goal! Success!!!

I sat back in my office chair basking in my momentary glory, when it hit me. I’m frigging tired. My brain feels like it’s been in a blender and my carpal tunnel is screaming swear words at me. I am tired.

For a brief, albeit insane, moment, I considered going back to work after lunch. I even made it back to the door of my office. My feet moved as if my fuzzy boots were lined in lead. I stood staring at my computer willing my hands to open my laptop. I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t bring myself to open my computer and dive back into the world of words. So, I went and crawled in my chair in the living room and watched a movie instead.

There are times I forget I am my own boss. I make my own rules. Set my own hours. Crack my own whip. And I am a champion whip cracker. So, since I hit my goal and did my little dance, the office is closed for the day! I think I’ll go watch Gilmore Girls….

Out of office….come back tomorrow

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