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When you think about it….

Last year wasn’t too bad!

Now, I can only speak for myself when I say 2021 wasn’t terrible. It wasn’t a walk in the park, but it wasn’t 2020. Am I right or am I right?!

Last year I helped organize and execute an amazing three day spiritual conference that touched lives. I sang so hard I split the seam in my jeans and lost my voice which was amazing! I met wonderfully amazing people who touched so many lives in those three days.

Singing worship all day long

Last year I celebrated another trip around the sun and my family fed me. Anyone who knows me understands food is my love language. Nothing says love like a deep dish pizza and a family movie night with my crew.

Last year my granddaughter turned one and Nana Jam was in full party mode! I cut cake and took photos and laughed and tickled my sweet baby girl. It was a little tense with her mother’s mother staring at me rocking the Nana life but it’s not my fault I’m awesome!

Last year I spent a week giving the middle schoolers bedroom a big girl makeover. I do love surprising my family. Even if it means I don’t actually get a break! Her surprised smile is one of my favorite memories!

Last year we actually got to go the church for Easter! I was ridiculously excited to shop for Easter clothes and help execute an amazing Easter service. Church is one of my favorite places so being there, surrounded by my church family, was a great big WOOHOO in 2021!

Last year I executed the most talked about summer party to date. Rain, wind, thunderstorms and a tornado were all in attendance along with 85+ of my favorite people and enough food to feed a small army! As fun as that was, I’m really hoping for sunny and 82 this summer!

The Chaos Crew

Last year I almost lost my husband to double pneumonia as a side effect of Covid. I spent eight days praying and crying out and holding it all together because I didn’t know what else to do. Lonely nights and hidden panic were companions for a while.

Last year I nursed my husband back to health. And grew closer to him and God. You learn a lot about the strength of your relationship when your focus is on keeping someone healthy and alive.

Last year I took a much needed vacation with my family. White sand beaches, sun, and smiles all around for ten glorious days. Merry Christmas indeed! I spent time with my granddaughter. I swam with my kids. I was so present there are barely any pictures of the trip.

Miramar Beach

No year is perfect. We found that out in spades these last few years. Every day is what we choose to make it. I wake up choosing to find joy in each day. I wake up making conscious choices to be happy. To love others. To smile. To show compassion. To be kind.

As usual, I make no resolutions. I never could keep them. But I can make it a goal to keep the habit of choosing joy and happinesses each day. I can make it a goal to keep working on being the best version of myself every single day.

I look forward to 2022 and what it holds for me and the ones I know and love. Now, to go set some goals to crush! Happy New Year all!!

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