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Writing on the wall

My neighbors probably think I’m insane!

I started plotting a new book yesterday. I pulled out my trusty neon Post It Notes and my pen flew. Before I knew it, another idea covered my office wall. I’m sure my husband walked into the office we share, took one look at the wall, and walked back out. He knows once a story emerges things could get crazy!

Today, I attempted to work in my office. I’m coordinating the details for a three day event in our church and today was the first day. I’ve been fielding emails, text messages, phone calls, and FaceTime calls with the precision of a general preparing for battle. I’m totally in my element!

However, as I’m trying to pry my cell phone out of my hand because I’m quite sick of it, ideas for the book covering my wall start to flow. Thought train has too many engines on the track at this point.

Now, I need music to work. I have to have it. Doesn’t matter if it’s current worship music or nineties hip hop, I need it to keep my mind steady. And I am not afraid to sing out and dance around to said music as it plays and I work.

My office has a lovely, big window that lets in tons of wonderful light. And faces my neighbors back door and my other neighbors back deck. Today, as I’m making notes on my story, I’m dancing around and singing loudly, desperately trying to calm my overtaxed mind.

As I’m breaking it down, I look over and my neighbor is outside with her dog. I don’t know how long she was standing there, but I’m pretty sure she got a great show as I bust a move, making notes on my wall. Too far gone to be embarrassed, I give her a little wave and proceed to go downstairs and switch the laundry.

I laughed for five minutes straight. I laughed so hard my sides ached. Tears ran down my face. If my neighbors didn’t think I was crazy before, they might now!

Writing on the wall!

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