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My Works

Who doesn't love a good romance novel? Who especially loves one with an interesting twist? When I'm not wrangling my chaotic crew, volunteering at church, or sharing my momlife with others, I'm letting my imagination run loose in wordplay! 

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Book One of the Lost Loves

Mari Sanders thought her life was moving along smoothly until her husband shattered her world. Desperate for a change, she packs up her life and plants new roots in the small town of Clear Water. She's thrown for a loop when the first man she ever loved, and the first man to destroy her heart, pops up in that same small town. Forced to face her demons, Mari must close one chapter and see if she can rewrite a few others. Filled with love, hurt, fun, and near dead experiences, Anew is destined make you believe that old love can start Anew!


Book Two of the Lost Loves

Reeling from the sudden death of her mother, Abigail Chase finds herself back in her hometown. Fate plays a cruel joke, leaving her broken and dependent on the only person she's ever given her heart to fully. Someone is bent on seeing her take her last breath and protecting herself is not an option. Abigail's heart and life rest in the hands in the hands of the man who broke her heart.

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Book Three of the Lost Loves

Sloan Riley’s life morphs from the perfect romance to a waking nightmare in the span of a text message. Suddenly, he finds himself questioning everything he knew to be true. Everything except his best friend, Casey. A solid force in one another’s lives, there isn’t much they haven’t been through.

When Casey finds herself the sudden widow with two young kids to raise, her world tilts unsteadily, being righted only by Sloan. Together, they find themselves thrust into a summer of healing. Their journey to sanity unlocks a side of their relationship they thought long since forgotten.

With so much between them, the dead embers of romance are sparked to flame. Can their hearts find a way to one another, Again?


Book Four of the Lost Loves

An unexpected blaze pulls Lexi Stanton from the sanctuary of her kitchen and right into the path of Sheriff Jeff Collins. A stranger to feelings deeper than polite like, Sheriff Collins finds himself at war with stirrings he can’t begin to understand. A twisty path finds Jeff and Lexi in the clutches of missing persons reports and hospital visits while circling around feelings they aren’t sure they want to explore. Can Lexi unwind herself from her past and let someone else in? Will Jeff be able to unravel the feelings awakened within him and trust himself to love?

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