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Chaos reigns!

I am a 37 year old nana. Let that bake your noodle for a minute! Between my hubby and I, we managed to acquire five kids and two grandkids. It’s awesome!

Several years ago, the hubs and I decided that we needed at least one night a week we needed family time. Just one night where dinner is mandatory and the movie time was too. At first, we were met with a bit of reluctance. After all, what teenager wants to spent their Friday night with their parents and younger siblings?

As time went on, and the kids grew up and moved on, our Friday crew dwindled to four. Just the final two kids who have yet to graduate and begin that wonderful journey called adulthood. Our current teenager in residence still gives the occasional eye roll about mandatory Friday night family time.

But, do you know what happened? Instead of losing kids to life, our Friday night dinners are growing. Our oldest daughter and oldest son, along with our oldest grand baby have started coming home for Friday night family time. It’s completely chaotic and totally loud, and I love every blessed minute of it.

Our family dynamic is constantly changing. Time refuses to stand still so they keep growing up on me. Yet, even as they grow and move forward in life, they still love coming home to spend time with mom and dad.

I count myself extremely blessed that my kids look forward to coming home on Friday nights for dinner and a movie. Regardless of the cookie crumbs and lego disasters, I couldn’t be happier!

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