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Enough already!!

That does it…I’m moving to Florida!

The weather here sucks. That’s putting it mildly. Sunday we had a pleasant 18 inches of powdery, wet snow dumped unceremoniously upon us. The sun shone on us for a whole day. Then the clouds winked out the light. Again.

Today, I sat down to eat lunch. Twenty five minutes is all it took to go from party cloudy to blizzard conditions. Even as I write this the winds are howling and the snow is pelting everything it touches. It’s like the soundtrack to my worst nightmares.

My kids are once again secretly (not so secretly) wishing for a snow day tomorrow. As if snow wasn’t enough, they are predicting subzero temperatures to hit around midnight. You can’t see it, but I’m stomping my foot like an angry toddler who’s toy was taken away. I need my quiet Friday (she says pouting and stomping a feet)!

Last winter wasn’t so bad. It barely snowed enough to be memorable. But, hey, 2020. There’s was enough other stuff to more than make up for the mild winter. This year I guess we get the insanity and the cold, wet, blowing catastrophe that is snow to go with it.


That does it…I’m moving to Florida

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