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Homework made me cry….

And it wasn’t even my homework!!!

This afternoon the six worst words in middle school parenthood were uttered…. “I need help with my homework.” Not just any homework, but math homework. In my mind I’m sobbing, wishing it were english or even science. Alas, it was math.

Luckily, my quick thinking mom brain looked and hatched a brilliant plan. Dad can do it!! Now, let’s be real, I’m no slouch. I can do middle school math. However, my middle schooler and I cannot do math together. There’s usually frustration and tears involved. She walks away. I find some wine. It gets rough.

With dad being home recovering from bilateral pneumonia, he’s getting some extra kid time in. He gets to send them off to school each morning and greet them afterward each afternoon. And, he’s home for homework time.

I’ve seen him sit with our kids doing homework before and it’s never made my heart swell. Usually, I’m breathing deep with relief because homework and the kids makes me crazy. But, after leaving him in a hospital for eight days, not quite certain what was to come, watching him spend that extra time with the kids touches a special place in my momma heart.

Watching him with our youngest, heads bent in concentration, fills me with a deep sense of love. Seeing him home, helping with homework, breathing better every day, makes me so incredibly grateful. We are living day by day, enjoying each moment, counting our blessings, and taking nothing for granted. By the grace of God, and prayers from around the country, he is still here doing homework with the kids.

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