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In this house, we nerd hard!

My hubby and I are movie buffs. We love nothing more than popping in a good DVD, grabbing some popcorn, and quoting our way through an excellent film. It may annoy others, it’s our house so deal!

We just finished the Star Wars Saga. We watch in suggested viewing order because it makes sense! If you watch it any other way, you’re weird! Kidding! To each his own!

We both laughed when we realized we have been nerding out to Star Wars since we were kids. I remember having an oversized Ewok T-shirt that I wore for bed when I was six. Princess Leia space buns were such an in thing. And everything was a light saber!

The best part is our kids are total nerds right along with us. I mean deep discussion about movie story line nerds. It’s awesome! Our grandson is falling right in line thanks to his new love of our light sabers in the play area!

Crazy as it sounds, I love that our affinity for movies draws my family together. Friday movie nights are a treasured time together. The hubs and I love stay at home date nights that include a new DVD. And the infinite supply of quotes to be pulled out and used at the drop of a hat is AMAZING!!

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