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Jumped the track….

I’m a fairly organized person. I have a color coded white board calendar that manages my family life. I have a planner that allows me the luxury of filling in the dates. I have schedules, lists, and appointment reminders that help manage this crazy little thing called life.

But, for all of my lists, schedules, and post it notes (brightly colored lined ones to be exact), none of those prepare me for minionous interruptous. I took a page from the Cat in the Hat and just made up a term that fits!

Yes! Those beautiful genetic clones of mine whom I absolutely adore! They have the uncanny ability to take my carefully crafted, beautifully scheduled work day, and toss it in the garbage! Have I mentioned how much I despise virtual learning?

Today’s adventure began on a good foot. I was 2,000 words deep into an amazing plot when the door to my office bangs open! Guess who?? That curly haired middle schooler with what promised to be a story that totally could have waited! Thought train put on the air brakes quick!

After I managed to shoo her back to class, I fired up the old imagination and pulled the train onto the tracks again. Chugging along, making the keys sing as I constructed humor and mayhem with a fervor! Crash!! There goes the door again and yet another passing period story. This one about Bill Nye the Not Real Science guy. There may be a slight issue there but that’s an entirely different story.

I managed to get my story back on track when low and behold, three phone calls and seven emails needed my immediate attention. Thought train derailed, dumped everything right out of my ears, crashed and burned. Sigh. I’ll bet Nora Roberts doesn’t have to deal with this insanity! Ha!!

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