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Put on the brakes!

I am a go-getter! From the time I wake up until I finally lay my head down at night, I am going. Some call it a character flaw. I call it productive. The amount of things I check off my list before nine in the morning would make most people tired.

I’m the person who makes a daily list while pounding out five miles on the treadmill at five a.m. It annoys some but things get done! I prefer a productive day with loads of checks on the list. It’s truly a satisfying feeling. So, of course, being forced to slow down, for any reason, it like throwing a wrench into a moving engine. It’s not pretty. And I am not happy when it happens.

I’ve apparently reached the age where getting dressed and undressed can be hazardous to my health. This week socks were my nemesis. Nothing says back injury like slick holiday socks on a freshly cleaned wood floor. In the process of taking off said socks, I lost my balance. In an effort to prevent further injury, I tried to stop myself from smacking my face on the floor.

As Julia Roberts says in Pretty Woman “Big mistake. Big. Huge!” Somewhere between attempting take of my socks and not so gracefully trying to not bust my face in the floor, I tweaked a muscle in my back. Ow!!

In hindsight, I think I’d rather have bruised my face and had a funny if not highly embarrassing story to share as to why my face is black and blue. Instead, I’m laying around in my couch, adjusting ice packs, and dying of boredom. Don’t get me wrong, I love the abundance of Lifetime Christmas movies keeping me company. The helpful hubby and doting kids help too. But, wincing every time I move stinks.

Laying here tonight, big kids playing with the grandson on the floor, hubs close in case I need anything, I realize how incredibly blessed I am. Hurting my back has forced me to literally stop doing the eight million things I usually do in any given day. I have no choice but to ask for help. It’s a good reminder that even Super Mom needs to slow down. Even if it means almost killing myself trying to take off my socks.

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