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Putting on real pants….

Nothing says productive like a pair of real pants. I’m not taking leggings either. A real, tried and true, pair of actual pants! If I plan on being productive during the day, I put on real pants.

I am fortunate enough to work from home. I run my jewelry business from my phone which is convenient when the school pick up line wraps around the building. I spend my days in my office crafting stories from my wildly active imagination. Or I move to the backyard for sunlight. Or the living room because my office chair makes my butt go numb.

Wherever I choose to work, I make sure I put on real pants. If I don’t, I can guarantee you I won’t get a single thing done on my to do list. I don’t know what it is about leggings. I slip on a pair of those bad boys and the next thing I know I’ve become one with the couch. A pair of leggings insights unproductive behavior on a scale “hitherto undreamt of”. Thanks Dr Strange for that one.

I have this crazy notion where my days working from home must be productive. I need to have something to show for it. My husband thinks I’m cracked out of my mind when I tell him my daily word goals. Then shock and disbelief etch themselves in his features when I kill those goals! He thinks 6,000 words a day is insane. I think it sounds like a productive Thursday.

My only problem with real pants are what Thunder and Lightning do to them. Let me explain. I’m a jeans and tshirt kind of girl. Everyday. All day. Even Sundays but I put on a pretty shirt and jewelry to dress them up. I am also not a stick figure. I have thighs and a butt. And my thighs, Thunder and Lightning, loooove to eat denim. Funnily enough, they take great pleasure in eating the denim at the back of my jeans. It’s all fine and good until I go to get up from my office chair. My cushy, leather office chair.

Real pants equal real work. Or at least in my crazy universe it does. Cheers to putting on real pants!

You can’t see it, but I’m totally wearing jeans with holes in them.

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