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What day is it?

Wait…did you just say it’s Monday??

It snowed for 30 straight hours. 30. Non-stop, falling from the sky, blowing, swirling, blizzard conditions snowed for 30 hours.


I’m not a fan of snow. It’s cold. It’s wet. It’s messy. It’s all fun and games until your kid pelts you in the face with an ice ball the size of a softball and it melts down your shirt. I say again….Ew.

Well, thanks to the snow everyone else in my house loves so much, we were home bound for two days. Church was canceled because you couldn’t even find the parking lot. The snow piles outside my house are five feet tall. We shoveled so many times I’m pretty sure even the shovels are ready to pack up and move to Florida.

We had so much snow they canceled school today. I watched wistfully as the plow truck and snow throwers finally made it to the school behind our house at ten this morning. I’m pretty sure even they had trouble finding the curbs for a while. Twelve inches of snow will do that to a parking lot.

And, like any self respecting work from home mom, I practically had to make a mantra out of what day of the week it was today. With my kids running a muck, at 16 and 11, I became confused often as to what day we were on. My brain wanted to continually disregard the fact that it’s Monday because Crazy and Crazier were chasing each other through the house. By the sheer grace of God, I actually managed to get some work done and successfully host an online party.

They are going to school tomorrow. I’m pretty sure I’m the only one here happy about it. At this point, I’m practically willing spring to get here as soon as possible!

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